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1) Shōryō-an (松梁庵) at Meikakuji temple

Conveniently situated. Only a 20 Minute Walk from JR Kyoto station.

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783 Hiranochō, Shinmachi-dōri shōmen sagaru, Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto

〒600-8306 京都市下京区新町通正面下る平野町783

2) 間-MA-

Conveniently situated. Only a 20 Minute Walk from JR Kyoto station.

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59 Nishikujō Hieijōchō, Minami-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 601-8437

〒601-8437 京都府京都市南区西九条比永城町59

traditional Japanese tea house

Our Traditional Japanese Tea House

Shōryō-an (松梁庵) at Meikakuji temple

Hidden away at the rear of the precincts of a small temple affiliated with the true pureland sect of Japanese Buddhism.

This temple bears the title of Meikaku-ji (temple dedicated to the promotion of clear awareness in every heart)

Few other temple-titles are more aligned and harmonious with the pursuit of the rite of tea.

The venue is a 250-year-old, classically-perfect, free-standing tea-hermitage. Closely abutting a towering granite rampart enclosing the park surrounding the great mother-house of the Higashi-Hongan Temple.

Though situated so close to Kyoto station, this location is, thanks to the sheltering mother-house, extraordinarily quiet, and truly peaceful.


To reach this traditional Japanese tea house from the Central Exit of Kyoto Station:

Walk North up Karasuma-dōri Street, to its intersection with Shichijō-dōri Street. 

There, turn left (i.e., west) and proceed as far as Shinmachi Street, and, having turned right, walk (northwards) up that street as far as the roofed gate to Meikaku-ji, on your right-hand side. 

(Approaching from Shichijō station on the Keihan line is also feasible for those that don’t mind a bit of a hike, westward across the Kamo river and on along Shichijō-dōri Street.)

Our Old Japanese Townhouse


Conveniently situated just south of Toji temple in Kyoto.

The venue is a 100 year old townhouse, which we refurbished to house our tea counter/bar, traditional Japanese restaurant, bookstore, etc.

A guiding theme throughout the environment we create is to provide an experience of the balance between the mundane and the other-worldly.


From Hankyu Railway
Take BUS 【No.207】from Omiya,Karasuma,Kawaramachi station. Get off at bus-stop [Kujo-Omiya]

From JR Kyoto station
・5min from Toji station by foot (JR Kyoto→Kintetu line)
・10min from Kujo station by foot (JR Kyoto→Subway line)

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