The highlight of my two weeks in Japan was the time I spent with Tyas following the flow of the tea rite. He is a wonderful teacher of every detail, wise and witty and generous with his knowledge. I would recommend this as a must to anyone who has any curiosity/interest in what we call … Continue reading Jude


Located in the streets of the southern Gion district, you are transported to a time when tea masters were an important part of Japanese society, and the tea rite was used in diplomacy between different ranks of their strict culture. Aided by our folding fans, Tyas and Stephen showed 4 of us into their tea … Continue reading Scott


Tyas and Stephen provide a truly unforgettable and truly authentic tea ceremony experience in the heart of Kyoto. Uniqueness lies in the fact that they provide extensive explanation of the ceremony and why certain things are done a certain way in this school. As English speakers, this is invaluable as it removes the communication barrier … Continue reading Alexander Minakov

Alexander Minakov

I am very grateful to have spent 3 hours with Tyas for the tea ceremony (or I should say tea rite as he will explain you). These 3 hours felt like 3 minutes. It was one of my top 3 experience in Japan. I felt an incredible presence and soothing energy from Tyas. We were … Continue reading Valentin Van Nhut

Valentin Van Nhut

Although we were not fortunate enough to experience a tea ceremony with Tyas, we were lucky to have Tyas as our private tour guide of Kyoto in March 2017. Tyas was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and gracious. He answered all of our questions (and we had MANY about all aspects of Japanese culutre). We really enjoyed … Continue reading Sherri Norris

Sherri Norris

We (as a real estate company in Kyoto) asked Tea Ceremony Kyugetsu for their cooperation to provide a workshop at our global event for our customers from different countries and they happily accepted the offer. The event was successfully held and we had many great reviews from our customers. Tyas, Belgium certified instructor of tea … Continue reading Kae Motokado

Kae Motokado

The explanations of why things are done, and when, are easy to understand, giving a new sense of appreciation for the simple elegance of the actions performed. Also, I'm 76, and my legs aren't as flexible as they once were. They were well prepared to make me comfortable. A delightful, and insightful, experience.

Scott Johnson

We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity of taking the tea ceremony workshop with Stephen and Tyas. Their knowledge and love for the tea ceremony as part of the japanese culture is transmited to you from the moment you walk in. They explain everything so that you can understand the reason for every … Continue reading Patricia Cabrera

Patricia Cabrera

I greatly enjoyed the tea ceremony workshop. I had no idea going in the extent to which every action, object and word of the tea ceremony has such a rich and symbolic history. The workshop helped me understand not only the tea ceremony tradition, but also shed light on the history of Japanese culture more … Continue reading Andrea Sullivan

Andrea Sullivan

Guided by Grand Tea Master Stephen en Tea Master Tyas participating in a tea ceremony is an wonderful introduction to an ancient Japanese tradition. Thanks to their sincere and open approach it allows us to understand the importance of this ceremony. We cherish this moment of shared energy. Just for a moment you forget the … Continue reading Martine Puylaert

Martine Puylaert