Accompanying PDF for the Matcha Essentials Mini Online Tea Ceremony Course

In my new Matcha Essentials eBook I explain three essential items. First, the basics of the utensils needed to prepare a delicious bowl of Matcha. Next, how to select a quality Matcha tea. And lastly how to skillfully whisk a bowl of tea.

Matcha Essentials VIDEO course

Build A Matcha Habit

Building a matcha habit is a great way to get started with tea ceremony. Implement a simple practice in your day to create a quiet moment of peace and mindfulness. Begin with an easy approach today. And gradually build and expand your practice of the proper tea ceremony as you grow.

My New Matcha Essentials Course is a basic introduction to the benefits of matcha and the tea ceremony. First, I explain how to skillfully whisk a bowl of delicious matcha. Then, I give you full access to the behind the scenes of where matcha comes from.

The mini course consists of 3 video lessons. Firstly, You’ll learn the basics of the necessary tea utensils. Secondly, I’ll teach you mindful approach to whisking a delicious bowl of matcha. And finally, I present a lecture on where matcha comes from.

Additionally, a complementary PDF eBook will help you on your way as a handy resource.

Tea Ceremony Online Course

Learn the basics of tea ceremony in the comfort of your own home

This online tea ceremony course is aimed at everyone. From new learners who seek to begin a tea ceremony practice, to advanced learners who wish to expand their understanding of tea ceremony and explore a new style.

When you join this course you will get access to all of the following:
Learn the steps of tea ceremony and the meanings behind them.
Become actually competent at executing a full service of tea at a table.
Cultivate a tea ceremony practice that will enrich your 21st Century life.

Get direct access to tea master Sōsen and ask your questions in a private Facebook group with other practitioners.

I made this course to allow anyone, anywhere to at least take their first significant steps in practicing the tea ceremony. Simply because I want you to have the opportunity to learn this beautiful ritual.

Book: "The Story of Japanese tea"

“The one resource you should have to learn about where Japanese green tea comes from”

When I wanted to learn about Japanese tea there was no resource in English available. Having learned everything I know now through the many years of study while in Japan, I basically wrote the book that I wanted to have when I came here many years ago.

And I wrote it for you! So, that you wouldn’t have to go through the same struggles as me to begin learning about Japanese tea.

The book received 35 out of 40 5 star (☆☆☆☆☆) ratings. In addition, many tea professionals, tea sommeliers in training, and regular tea aficionados from all over the world gave it a positive review!

You can get your copy here:

Reader’s voice:

“I learned a tremendous amount while reading his book.”

“I think this is a long awaited book, and a must-read for anyone who is really interested in real tea.”

“This book is a must read to understand and enjoy Japanese tea even more, and also to grow and evolve personally.”

“Tyas Sōsen goes much beyond (passionately and accurately) describing Japanese tea: he pictures a view on what really ‘good tea’ is and links it to concrete criteria”

“This book is a wonderfully written, honest and sincere book about the wonders of Japanese Tea.”

“For those who do not read Japanese and want to know all about Japanese tea this is the best they can get.”

“If the very broad field of Japanese tea is something you always wanted to know more about, this book is the perfect place to start, but it is also interesting and enlightening for seasoned tea drinkers and aficionados of the Japanese tea ceremony alike.”

“It is written in such a way that experts and novices alike will gain something from it. It’s a true mine of information not readily available elsewhere and its in depth approach does not overlook any important aspect of green tea. A must read and great addition to any tea library.”