Tea Served in a Skeletal Department-store Wendy-house


Recently, the intrepid and energetic Tangetsu-an Tyas Sōsen – navigator of the flight of The Tea Crane – negotiated with a representative of a Japanese public-relations giant, and got us summoned to provide a Tea-‘ceremony’ ‘experience’, intended as an appropriate adjunct to a ten-day ‘event’ to be offered by a major Osaka department-store. The occasion in question turned out to have been entitled “Play Kimono”. Play kimono? But how might one ‘play’ Japanese dress?

Outdoor Tea Gathering at Wazuka tea Festival

The town of Wazuka in the southern precincts of Kyoto prefecture, is one of thé most famous production areas of Kyoto's favored brand of Uji tea. The yearly tea festival in this town attracts over thousands of tea aficionados from everywhere in Japan and even from abroad. Tyas Sōsen was invited to host an outdoor Tea gathering during the two day event and offer visitors an opportunity to partake in a traditional serving of Japanese tea.

WFSC Tea ceremony demonstration

Tyas Sōsen and Stephen Sōshun assisted the Grand Master of the Enshu tradition of tea ceremony at the World Forum on Sport and Culture 2016, by providing translation and explanation during a tour of the tea pavilions in the rear garden of Tokyo National Museum, and through offering our guests individual bowls of tea during a service of tea hosted by the Grand Master himself.

10-day Event at Hankyu dept.store

Tyas Sōsen and Stephen Sōshun were requested to host Tea services as a means to provide a space in which visitors could not only see, but also experience Japanese tradition. During the span of 10 days, we hosted 5 sittings a day, and given the very small space we were provided with, regaling as many as 80 visitors was quite an accomplishment.