Media Coverage: The Independent – Drinking matcha in Japan

“Tea ceremony is a ghastly mistranslation,” said Stephen, dressed in a crisp black kimono, as Tyas created a soupy blend of thick matcha resembling fresh pesto. “It’s actually much more of a meditation, but in the company of other people. And it’s not only a healthy beverage, but also an aid to spiritual refreshment. This is the way we believe matcha should be drunk.”

Media Coverage: Interview With Tea Happiness

Tyas is not just someone that sells tea. He is a Belgian ex-pat living in Japan, teaching Japanese tea culture, and living the beautiful tea life. As he says, "I don’t actually consider myself a tea vendor, but rather something closer to a missionary spreading the value that tea can bring to our lives." These are the wise words of Tyas.

Media Coverage: (Serving tea at Asahiyaki)

Serving tea at the Asahiyaki pottery kiln in Uji on the day before the official opening of their new store. It was an honour not only to have been able to inaugurate this newly built tea chamber, but also to celebrate the opening of the new store with a formally served bowl of tea.