Tea Ceremony introduction

During this one hour introduction to the Japanese rite of tea, let yourself be guided through the do’s and dont’s as a guest and participant during a formal service of thin tea – usucha.

1 hour.

Session fee: $500 USD (max 8 persons).

Formal thick tea ceremony

Join Tyas Sōsen for a genuine encounter with Japan’s rite of tea. You will take part in one of the most formal forms of tea ceremony, namely the service of thick tea – koicha, which constitutes the climax of a full 4 hour tea gathering.

2 hours.

Session fee: $500 USD (max 3 persons).

incense ceremony

Enjoy two rounds of a deliciously fragrant incense appreciation (kodo); conclude with a refreshing serving of thin tea.

2 hours.

Session fee: $500 USD (max 3 persons).

A Day With A Tea Master

Join Tyas Sōsen on his errands through Kyoto to prepare for a tea ceremony occasion and build up the whole service together. Conclude with a formal tea ceremony enjoying both thick tea – koicha, and thin tea – usucha.

1 day

Session fee: $1,000 USD (max 3 persons).