Japanese culture
through the lens of tea ceremony

Traditional Tea Ceremony
is My Gift to You

It is my mission to make the Japanese rite of tea (traditional tea ceremony) accessible, comprehensible and enjoyable for outsiders of Japanese culture like you.

Our perspective on Japan’s traditional culture is truly unique. Both fully accredited teachers in this Japanese art, Sōsen and Sōshun grew up in Europe. Understanding what it is that the Westerner needs to know, they provide thorough explanations in educated English, in a manner that is understandable for foreign visitors to this country.

The Way of Tea
is a mindful approach to being alive.


Tea Ceremony Introduction

Join us for a one hour introduction to the Japanese rite of tea. Let a tea master guide you through the do’s and dont’s as a guest and participant during a formal service of thin tea – usucha.

Tyas Sōsen invites you to a genuine encounter with Japan’s rite of tea. You will take part in one of the most formal forms of tea ceremony, namely the service of thick tea – koicha, which constitutes the climax of a full 4 hour tea gathering.

Watch a relaxing service of tea by
your host Tyas Sōsen

Join us for an authentic tea ceremony experience
Tyas Sosen traditional tea ceremony master
Tyas Sōsen
Your host

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The Tea Ceremony is
A Microcosm Of Japanese Culture.